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Hey there, 

I am grateful for being able to support you in your development of playing the Handpan.
Each of us has his unique style which I always like to find together and to bring it to blossom.

With exercises that you can involve in your daily precise to find a joyful and useful learning process. 

I am offering lessons one on one in Berlin or in the places where I am having my workshops or customized in your place.
It is also possible to have classes in groups where I also can provide instruments for.

As well you can have a class through the internet. 

I am offering the classes in German and English as well in very basic French and Portuguese. 

I am offering classes in the frame and Form which is supporting your learning the best. 
It's possible to come from time to time so I can reflect your progress. 
You can come more often and regular for a effective self improvement to develop your playing with good exercises and to find your on style guided thrmy experience. 
As well you can come with your partner or friends for a nice experience of playing music together. 


40€ for 60min.

For one person

60€ for 60min.

For two persons  

For groups classes -

Please contact me via Email:

Meet the


"..Felix is a great and intuitive teacher. I had my first lesson with him after playing on my own for a while.
After each lesson I left with something new that I couldn't wait to try when I got back home.
He quickly adjusted to my style and knew what areas I might want to explore and improve.
Looking forward to many more lessons to come!.."


"Felix is a Dedicated teacher , 
With a unique way of teaching patterns and Rythem, It’s just makes the learning process faster !"


                               Nella R.

"..Great lessons, sympathetic teacher and relaxed atmosphere.

Me and Larissa we where looking for private Handpan lessons after visiting a workshop.

We are so happy that we found Felix on the internet. We haven't been playing handpan for long, but we've already made our first progress. With the help of music and playing handpan let us forget the stressful everyday life. Felix´s teaching style is professional and patient, what we also like is the selection of different handpan to try out. 

Learning is fun this way. I always look forward to the next handpan lesson. 

Dear Felix, THANK YOU for this and keep it up with your very sympathetic way of meeting people."



                         Dennis & Larissa

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